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Sis Ebony Harper Sis. Shasa Harrision
audio video team

Top Photo: Sis Ebony Harper, Sis Shasha Harrison( Announcement team)

Middle  Photo: Sis Ebony Harper, Deacon Johnny Ray, Sis Carla Gilliard( Annoucement team)

Bottom Photo: From left to right: Shadonna Tyson, Janae Richardson, Chelsea Longmore, Sadie Murray, Tierra Mann ( Camera, lights, recording, Live streaming, Visual for service)


GracePlace Audio Video (AV) team is here to uplift and edify the name of the Lord thru the media, We perform task such as recording of services that are available for sell as well as the handling of the website, announcements, photos and not limited to live-streaming.

“We also are the stream to the media outside the church keeping everyone informed on upcoming events”
Ebony Harper
“We are the information for the church as far as meeting and church events that happen in coming months”
Shasha Harrison

“To show through our video efforts how the Spirit moves thru the church”
Chelsea Longmore



GracePlace Movie Night

Every first Friday of the Month

THIS month: Frozen

Next Month: Gifted Hands: Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in this true story about a renown brain surgeon(Ben Carson) who overcame obstacles to change the course of medicine forever.

Next Movie

Prince of Egypt